Inside Purgatory (epub)

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Inside Purgatory by Thomas W. Petrisko

The follow-up book to the popular, Inside Heaven and Hell, comes the equivalent of a guided tour of God?s holy penitential world where human spirits are purified and thereby prepared for entry into Paradise. Dr. Petrisko directs onto his subject many a spotlight coming from various authorities down the Christian centuries ? popes, theologians, saints, mystics, visionaries and the Blessed Mother. Together their insights and testimonies present a rounded picture of that mysterious realm of purgatorial pain and prayer, which can be likened to Heaven?s vestibule lying beyond this world. Readers will find an abundance of information about Purgatory, while at the same time plenty of inspiration and encouragement to become more Purgatory minded; that is, generous in offering spiritual succour and support to the Holy Souls.

Epub for use with Apple, Nook and Stanza.