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Dr. Mark Miravalle

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  • With Jesus
    With Jesus
    With JesusThe Story of Mary Co-redemptrix   This little work is not primarily for the theologian, but for the reader who, while not necessarily having an extensive theological background, is nonetheless comfortable...
  • Time to Meet the Angels (ebook)
    Time to Meet the Angels (ebook)
    The time is now to know, to appreciate, to befriend, and to love these heavenly beings who already know and love us, and who spend much of their efforts in guiding us to Heaven and protecting us from Hell. We need to meet...
  • It is Time to Meet St. Philomena  (epub)
    It is Time to Meet St. Philomena (epub)
    Who is St. Philomena? Pope Gregory XVI referred to her as the “wonder-worker” of the nineteenth century. Bl. Pope Pius IX declared her the “Patroness of the Children of Mary.” St. John Vianney...
  • Introduction to Mary  (ebook)
    Introduction to Mary (ebook)
    What do all the doctrines that God has revealed about the Blessed Virgin Mary have to do with me personally? How do these revealed truths about the Mother of Jesus affect my own spiritual life? How do I explain to my friends...
  • Mariology  (ebook)
    Mariology (ebook)
    Some of the best minds in Mariology today have collaborated to produce this monumental anthology in honor of Our Lady and in complete fidelity to the Magisterium. Buy this book and make a present of it to your parish priest,...
  • Meet Your Mother {Or Love Her More}  (ebook)
    Meet Your Mother {Or Love Her More} (ebook)
    Ever wonder why so many people pay so much attention to Mary, the Mother of Jesus? From the most ancient traditions of Mary in Christianity to the “Hail Mary” pass in American football, the Mother of Jesus has...


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