Camaldolese Extraordinary

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The Life, Doctrine, and Rule of Blessed Paul Giustiniani. On the Landscape of Christian hermit life, Paul Giustiniani (1496-1528), Blessed by fame, is a towering figure. To him that dazzling genius, Jean Leclercq, O.S.B., devoted two of his finest monastic studies. We are pleased to offer them here: the biography, never before published in English; and the doctrinal synthesis, Alone with God, much-loved when it first appeared and out-of-print for over a generation. And this is not all. Leclercq's masterpieces are flanked on the left by a variegated general introduction and on the right by selections from Blessed Paul's Rule, a translation of St. Romuald's Brief Rule with commentary, an epilouge sketching the history of Monte Corona, and ample indices. There are also more than a dozen carefully selected illustrations.

Please note, the paperback is the revised version while the hardcover is the original version. There are only a limited number of hardcopies available.